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Comedy Reels


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Wilburn is Katherine Coleman, Erica Diederich, Chereese Foster, Ellen Ko, Rowena Lair, Jake Lewis, Laura Ornella, Charlotte Otremba, Ashley Siebels, and Tiffany Springle

Comedy Production Company Wilburn brings sketch comedy (and beyond) through digital, live, and animated content.

Upcoming projects include:

- Comed
y Feature
- Animated Pilot
- Digital Sketches


Featured Work:

Comedy Festivals

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20230707 Fun-n-Dumb Fest Day 2_CR5_7301.jpg

Charact-araoke @ Fun and Dumb BCC Fest
Cast: David Morton, Laura Ornella, Erin Richardson, Fallon Boles, Camber Carpenter, Eddie Dougrou, Nick Pearl, Erica Diederich, Michael Alix; Photo by: Arin Sang-urai (@PhotoJuice)


Jinx! @ Caveat

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