Tiffany is an actress, singer, comedian, and writer based in NYC.

But not only that. She can also solve any crime by dinner time!


Despite the hellfire that is 2020-2021, you can find Tiffany performing

with her musical improv team, Meryl, digitally through the

Magnet Theater here, or as an actor with Boogiemanja's virtual Sketch

Team, Wilburn.


Tiffany has studied extensively at the Upright Citizens Brigade (Improv,

Sketch, Characters), and Magnet Theatre (Musical Improv, Improv). She

reminds herself of this anytime she fails at witty dinner conversation.

As an actress, singer, and writer, Tiffany can often be found developing

new work on the stage and screen. She is driven by work that

challenges the boundaries of modern storytelling. She wants to be a

part of collaborating with fearless, kind, and talented artists who lift

each other up.


Her own musical is currently in development, and she is ecstatic to share

more soon!


With comedy, in addition to her sketch and improv teams listed above, other musical improv troupes she is a current member of include: Sequel: The Musical at the Magnet Theater, Xplod (nationally toured), and The Magical World of Musical Improv at The PIT Theater. 

Her Podcast,  The Art of Not Making It,  features a look behind the curtain with the best in show business.  Each episode includes intimate conversations that break down individual journeys in this industry, battling insecurities, and what to do when you reach the top and realize there's no stopping point in the arts. There's no point where you've truly "made it."

*Commercial Management: Citizen Talent