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Tiffany Springle is an actor, comedian, singer, host, and writer.

She has been working professionally in the entertainment industry for the past decade. On any given day you may find her work-shopping a new musical, writing a new script, on set filming, or running around doing comedy.

Tiffany has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Squirrel Theater, and Magnet Theater. She reminds herself of this anytime she fails at witty dinner conversation.

As the host of viral sensation Roe V Bros, Tiffany uses humor and knowledge-sharing to motivate voter turnout. The digital series has garnered 120 million views across all platforms, and is the winner of four Shorty Impact Awards (Call to Action, Educate, Healthcare & Pharma, and the Audience Award for Educate).

You can also find Tiffany performing with musical improv house team, Secret, Secret!, as an actor/writer with Sketch Team Wilburn, and presenting original characters on the sketch show, Charact-araoke.

In addition to this, Tiffany will be directing and co-starring in an upcoming mockumentary feature, set to film Fall of 2023.

Lastly, her Podcast,  The Art of Not Making It,  features a look behind the curtain with the best in show business.  Each episode includes intimate conversations that break down individual journeys in this industry, battling insecurities, and what to do when you reach the top and realize there's no stopping point in the arts. There's no point where you've truly "made it."

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